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Gourmet canned Organic King Salmon provided by Coastwise Processors, Canada’s only certified organic cannery.

Our certified organic cannery produces organic King (Chinook) Salmon which are raised off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the pristine waters of the North Pacific Ocean. This region of the Pacific Ocean has strong tides and strong winds, providing ideal, clean growing conditions for salmon.

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These salmon are carefully reared following the requirements laid out in the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard and are certified Organic by Pro-Cert. The Canadian Organic Aquaculture standards require the salmon to be raised in clean waters, in low densities, using humane rearing practices and feeding a certified organic diet. The certified organic diet is provided by Taplow Ventures Ltd., of Chilliwack BC the parent company to Coastwise Processors

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The salmon are humanely harvested and marketed fresh. These fresh organic salmon are served at fine dining restaurants and sold at discriminating local fish markets. This is the same fresh product which we use for canning. By using only fresh organic salmon in our Coastwise Organics product we can ensure the highest, gourmet quality canned salmon laden with Omega-3.

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Coastwise Processors is proud to be part of this inventive method of providing high quality food with a high complement of omega 3 fish oil to the tables of our consumers. By combining the pioneering of aquatic organic rearing practices and the traditional methodology for processing and preserving salmon, Coastwise Processors has produced a truly exciting new product capable of delighting the palate and uplifting the spirit.

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Salmon, Leek and Cream Cheese Quiche

All your favourite flavours of organic salmon, cream cheese and mixed greens in a beautiful, crowd-pleasing quiche.

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